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The Complete Guide to Lost Pet Prevention and Recovery

99 cents Kindle. Paperback available.

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How to Use This Book
Table of Contents

     Importance of Prevention
     Pet Record Keeping
     Photographing Your Pet
     Pet Photo Tips
Proper Pet Identification - You Pet's Ticket Home
      Permanent Pet Identification
      Pet Registries and Recovery Services
Pet ID Tags
      Keep Pet Tag Information Current
      Types of Pet Identification Tags
      Alternative Pet ID Tag Ideas
Pet Tattoos
      Pet Tattoo Registries
      Pet Tattoo Agents
      The Pet Tattooing Procedure
Tattooing Other Pets

      Cost of Pet Tattooing
      Pros and Cons of Pet Tattooing
Pet Microchips
      Implanting the Pet Microchip
      Cost of Pet Microchipping
      Where to get a Pet Microchip
      Microchipping Birds, Ferrets, and other Animals
      Pros and Cons of Pet Microchipping
      DNA and Pets
      DNA Pet Sample Kits
      Cost of Pet DNA Profiling
Animal Shelters
      Know Where Animal Shelters Are Located
      Know What To Do to Reclaim Your Pet
      Your Local Animal Shelter: A Vital Community Resource
      Support Your Local Animal Shelter
Pet Clubs and Breed Rescue Groups
      How to Locate Pet Clubs and Breed Rescue Groups
Pet Clubs
Breed Rescue Groups

Rabies And Pets
      Rabies and Lost Pet Prevention and Preparedness
      Where do I get my Pet Vaccinated?
Roaming and Escaping
     What is Pet Roaming?
     The Many Hazards of Pets Roaming
      Keeping Indoor Pets Happy and Content
      Environmental Enrichment for Pets
      Excuses for Letting Pets Roam
      Why Pet Containment Often Fails
      Why Pets Desire to Roam
      What Can I Do?
Spay and Neuter
      Spay and Neuter Quiz
      Where to Spay and Neuter
Pet Containment
      Traditional Pet Fencing
      Electronic Pet Fencing
Cat Containment
      Cat Enclosures
      Cat Fencing
A Word About Feral Cats
Pet Behavior Problems

Pet Training
Training Can Be a Big Help
      Pet Training Methods
      Positive Conditioning and Pets
      Pet Desensitization
      Pet Training and Behavioral Problems
      Training Cats
      Where to Find Pet Training Help
      How Learning Tricks Can Help
Traveling With Pets
      Things to Consider When Traveling With Pets
Preparing for the Trip

      Consult Your Veterinarian
      Plan Your Itinerary Around Your Pet
      Have Proper Identification When Traveling With Your Pet
      Purchase an Animal Carrier
Take Your Pet Records with You

      Finding Lodging for you and your Pet
Transporting Your Pet
      Trains and Buses
      Air Travel
      Perils Facing Pets in flight
      Stopovers and Transfers
      Poorly Trained employees
      Things Have Improved
      In-Cabin Pets – Air Travel
      Air Travel Requirements for Pets
      Air Travel and Lost Pet Prevention
      Professional Pet Transportation
      Taking Your Pet on the Road
      Traveling With Birds, Ferrets, and Other Critters
Auto Accidents and Pets
Planning Ahead is the Best Protection
Pet Sitters, Boarding Kennels, Caretakers
      Advantages of Professional Pet Sitters
      Boarding Your Pet
      Pet Walking Services
      Doggie Daycare
      Preparing Your Pet's Caretaker
Pet Partners
What is a Pet Partner?
Benefits of Having a Pet Partner
      How to Set Up a Pet Partnership
Moving With Pets
      Making the Preparations
      Moving Day
      You and Your Pet's New Home
Stolen Pets
      Some of the Frightening Reasons Behind Pet Theft
      Tips for Preventing Pet Theft
      A Brief History of Pet Theft
      Who’s Selling Stolen Pets?
      Who’s Buying Stolen Pets?
      Isn’t Anybody Watching?
Pet Mishaps
      Knowing About Pet Mishaps Can be Crucial
      Survey Your Home and Property for Pet Hazards

Pets, Holidays, and Parties
      Making Festive Times Safe for Pets
Prepare a Safe Room

      Some Additional Ways to Protect Your Pet
      Halloween Hazards
Disasters and Pets
      Relief and Rescue Organizations
      Keys to Survival
      Help for Those With Disabilities and Their Service Animals
      Basic Pet Survival Kit – Disasters
      Additional Pet Disaster Tips
      So You're Not Going to Evacuate?
      If You Have to Leave Your Pet Behind
      After the Disaster is Over
      Home Sweet Home
Prevention: Birds
Keep Your Bird Safe - Clip Its Wings!
Why The Reluctance to Clipping Its Wings?

      More Bird Safety Tips
      Lost Bird Prevention – Have These Items on Hand
      Bird Identification Options
Prevention: Ferrets & Other Critters
      Additional Hazards Escaped Ferrets Face
      Impulse Buying
      Things You Can Do to Prevent the Loss Ferrets and Other Critters
      Teach Your Children about Responsible Pet Ownership

Check Close to Home First!
Your Pet May Be Closer than You Think
Preparing for Recovery
      Your Pet Records
      Recovery Kit
      Critical Contacts
Organizing the Search
      Use a Map
      Call Your Critical Contacts
      Make Your Los Pet Flyers and Ads
      Describing Your Pet
      Using Log Sheets
      Use Voice Mail and Answering Machine
      Found Pet Classifieds
      Searching Alone
      Locating Help for Hire
      Recovery Services Really Can Help
      Find an Ally - Pet Clubs and Rescue Groups
      Use the Internet
Conducting the Search
      Items to Have with You When You Search
      Going Door – to – Door
      Places to Check
      People You Should Talk To
      People You Should Call
Lost Pet Flyers and Classified Ads
      How to Create "Award Winning" Ads and Flyers
      Should You Offer a Reward?
      Little White Lies
      Should You Include Your Pet’s Name?
      Should You Withhold Information?
      How Many Flyers Does it Take to Recover a Missing Pet?
      How Wide an Area Should You Cover?
      Places for Flyers
      Sample Lost Pet Classified Ad
      Sample Lost Pet Flyer
Other Ways to Get the Word Out
      Some Additional Things You Can Do
Check Animal Shelters
      Some Things You Will Need
      Some Things You Should Know
      What You Should Expect
      Understand the Shelter’s Limitations
      Bad Shelters
What to Do If You Have Concerns about Your Local Animal Shelter

Investigating Leads
      A few Things to Consider
      You Suspect That Your Pet is Being Kept by Someone
  Pet Detectives
  Beware of Scams
      The Lost Pet Scam
      The Found Pet Scam
      The Team Scheme
      The Trucker/Traveler Scam
      The Charity Scam
      The “To a Good Home” Scam
Special Pet Recovery Situations
      Recovery: Air Travel
      Recovery: Sitters, Boarding kennels, Caretakers
      Recovery: Auto Car Accidents
      Recovery: Moving
      Recovery: Stolen Pets
      Recovery: Holidays and Parties
      Recovery: Disasters
Recovery: Birds
      To Coo or Pursue – That is the Question
      When to Coo
      When to Pursue
      Additional Tips for Recovering Lost Birds
Recovery: Ferrets
      Recovery Tips
Recovery: Other Critters
      Snakes and Lizards

SECTION III: Additional Topics
You've Found Your Lost Pet! Now What?
 Don’t Let it Happen Again
      Dealing With Persistent Pet Escape Artists
Found Strays
  Doing the Right Thing
Taking in a Stray
A Few Precautions
Ways of Location a Pet's Owner
Keeping a Stray Animal
Found Birds
A Brief Note About Stray Ferrets

Knowing When to Give Up Searching

      A Heartfelt Letter
      Resources for Those Who are Grieving

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The Complete Guide to Lost Pet Prevention and Recovery

99 cents Kindle. Paperback available.

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The Complete Guide to Lost Pet Prevention and Recovery

99 cents Kindle. Paperback available.